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recheck v4.4.0

· 2 min read

Here, we announce the new release of recheck v4.4.0.

You could see the complete CHANGELOG for detailed informations.


Allow all parameters to ESLint plugin options

Now, the ESLint plugin accepts all parameters.

It is useful for detailed behavior of the checker. For instance, when the system is busy, the fuzz checker reports a false positive by its timeout (See #447, thanks @falsandtru). We can prevent this by specifying attackTimeout to null (disabling timeout on the attack phase).


Fix zero-width assertion in automaton checker

In the past, next character kinds are omitted after refining a transition, so it equates two states which should be distinguish. This fix makes it to include next character kind in state.

Now, we can check /^.+?aa[^@]@/ correctly.

Correct to increase steps on back-reference

In the past, since the back-reference increases step at one, the checker may estimate a lower complexity than actual. The step should be increased by the length of the read string, and has been corrected as such.

Now, we can check /^(.+)\1$/ correctly.


We apologize you to delay for release the next major version. I have a few time to develop recheck recently, but we are preparing a big patch for the next major version. Please look forward it!

Thank you for your interesting!